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Sibling Test

Trusted Labs sibling test can help determine whether two individuals are full or half siblings. We can provide powerful testing for sibling cases and every sibling test that we perform examines three areas:

  • If two people are full siblings (same mother and father),
  • If two people are half siblings (only one parent in common),
  • If two individuals are not related as siblings (different mother and father).

A Trusted Labs sibling test only usually ordered in cases where it is impossible to test the parents (deceased, missing, unable to participate, etc.). The reason for this is because the sibling test is not as powerful as a paternity test. The relationship between a parent and child is very direct therefore paternity or maternity testing will always provide a more conclusive result. The relationship between two siblings is not as direct therefore the results of a sibling test may provide you with an indication of whether two individuals are related, but unfortunately depending upon each case, the results may not always produce conclusive answers.

Trusted Labs also offer various other DNA Tests such as:

Avuncular DNA Testing (Aunt or Uncle)

Trusted Labs Aunt or Uncle DNA testing determines the probability that an individual is the biological aunt or uncle of a child. Testing of an Aunt or Uncle is typically referred to as Avuncular DNA analysis.

Typically our analysis includes the child and one aunt or uncle, but you may add more persons as needed; such as a second child or additional parent.

When the issue of a relationship is in question, that is, the relationship between aunts or uncles with their nieces or nephews, we recommended to test the available parent of the niece of nephew in question. In most of cases, aunt/uncle testing is used in the place of a paternity DNA test when the alleged father is unavailable or deceased.

In situations where the child’s known parent such as the Mother is unavailable for testing, an avuncular DNA test can still be performed.

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