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Maternity Test

Fast, Powerful and Proven DNA Testing

When the maternity of a child is in question, Trusted Labs can provide the definitive answers a family needs by performing a maternity test.

Maternity testing can be used for a number of different situations, including:

  • If a family member or a member of hospital staff fears that the baby had been mistakenly switched whilst in hospital.
  • If a mother has conceived her baby via fertilization and would therefore like to confirm that the correct embryo was implanted into her uterus
  • If a mother and child have been reunited after years of separation such as adoption and would therefore like to confirm their relationship

We perform a maternity test the same way we would a paternity test. The child’s genetic profile is compared against that of the alleged mother, and an expert DNA analyst examines the profiles for evidence of DNA inheritance from mother to child.

Turnaround Time: Trusted labs maternity testing is accurate, rapid and affordable.  You will receive your results within 2 business days from when the samples arrive at the laboratory.  We will release the results immediately once the testing is completed.

Description: To perform a DNA maternity test, we require a buccal swab (mouth swab) specimen to be collected from all parties participating in the test. The buccal swab that is collected contains cells; most of the cells in our body contain a full set of genetic information, which is your DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Every person’s DNA represents a genetic blueprint.  This genetic blueprint, like a fingerprint, is unique to each individual.

We then compare the DNA pattern of the child to that of the mother. As the genetic information of a child is inherited from his/her biological parents, examination of the DNA of the child will conclusively determine whether the alleged mother is the true biological mother of the child.

Can the kit be sent to more than one address? If the parties that need to be tested live at different addresses, we can send kits to each address separately. Every kit has a unique reference therefore they will be tested together once the samples arrive back at the laboratory.

To order a more than one kit, simply select the option on the form or ask one of our friendly advisers.

When will I receive my results? Results are available within 2 business days once our laboratory receives the samples from all parties involved in the test.

Does the price include all laboratory-testing fees? Yes, the price is covers all aspects of the test.  There will be no additional fees to pay.

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