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Legal DNA Testing

Fast, Powerful and Proven DNA Testing

Legal DNA paternity testing follows the same procedure as our standard Paternity test once it reached the laboratory.  All our results are 100% accurate.  You may require a legal DNA paternity test when you need court admissible results.  Examples of court admissible results are cases involving child support payments, a judicial paternity order, paternity fraud and a number of other related issues.

The difference between our standard paternity DNA tests and our legal DNA test is how the samples are collected.  The samples need to be collected following a strict chain of custody ensuring the validity of the DNA test.

What is a strict chain of custody?

The Chain of custody refers to the chronological documentation that shows the collection, custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of the samples. The whole purpose of this procedure is to avoid tampering and to establish the legal status of the samples collected. In a legal DNA paternity test, it means correct identification of the tested parties, correct collection, shipping and handling of the samples. In addition, everyone involved in the testing process from the sample collector to the DNA analyst should be a third party who has no interest in the outcome of the test and documents his involvement in the process truthfully.

Only chain of custody DNA testing results is legally admissible and accepted by government authorities such as child support agencies or the immigration services as a piece of legal evidence.

To fulfill the correct requirements, Trusted Labs employs the following chain of custody procedures:

  • The collection of identification from all tested parties, which includes verifying IDs and taking pictures of tested parties;
  • Obtaining consent from all adult sample donors and legal guardians for minor tested parties;
  • Collection of samples from the tested parties performed by a trained medical professional who will document their involvement truthfully;
  • Correct labeling and packaging of the samples by the collector;
  • Shipping samples by courier services directly to the laboratory;
  • Receipt of samples by the DNA laboratory;
  • Transfer and testing of samples within the DNA laboratory;
  • Storage of samples;
  • The reporting of results with supporting case specific chain of custody documents.

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