Immigration DNA Test

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Immigration DNA Test

Fast, Powerful and Proven DNA Testing

A DNA test is an important step towards completing the immigration process for you and your family members.

Trusted Labs offers a variety of DNA testing services to assist individuals who need to provide evidence of biological relationships for immigration purposes such as a paternity tests, maternity tests, siblingship tests, and grandparentage tests.

How the Process Works

Below is a brief overview of the immigration DNA testing process at Trusted Labs.

  • Contact us and provide a Participant Name(s), DOB, Case/FCO numbers and Contact Details
 and the Address(es) to which the DNA report should be sent
  • One of our advisers will contact and supply the local collection site(s) with the participant details for each person and will ship securely a DNA Collection Kits for each participant.
  • We will then contact each participant, providing them with the collection site details so that they can book a suitable appointment time.
  • Once all collections have taken place and all kits returned to the laboratory, Trusted Labs would contact you with your results.  It’s that simple

Can the kit be sent to more than one address? If the parties that need to be tested live at different addresses, we can send kits to each address separately. Every kit has a unique reference therefore they will be tested together once the samples arrive back at the laboratory.

To order a more than one kit, simply select the option on the form or ask one of our friendly advisers.

When will I receive my results? Results are available within 2 business days once our laboratory receives the samples from all parties involved in the test.

Does the price include all laboratory-testing fees? Yes, the price is covers all aspects of the test.  There will be no additional fees to pay.

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