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Full blood count (FBC)

A full blood count (FBC) is probably the most widely used blood test. It is used to assess your general state of health and to screen for certain conditions, such as anaemia.

During an FBC, a small sample of blood will be taken from a vein in your arm. The amount of different types of blood cells in the sample will be measured.

On its own, an FBC cannot usually provide a definitive diagnosis of a condition, but it can provide important “clues” about possible problems with your health.

  • Low haemoglobin indicates anaemia, which has a number of possible causes, including internal bleeding or a poor diet.
  • High haemoglobin may be due to an underlying lung disease or problems with the bone marrow.
  • A low white blood cell count may be due to problems with your bone marrow, a viral infection or more rarely, cancer of the bone marrow. However, a low white blood count can also be genetic and of no significance.
  • A high white blood cell count usually suggests that you have an infection somewhere in your body. Rarely, this could be a sign of leukaemia.
  • A low platelet count may be due to a viral infection or an autoimmune condition (where the immune system attacks healthy tissue).
  • A high platelet count may be due to inflammatory conditions, infection or a problem with the bone marrow.

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