Drug and Alcohol (EtG) in Hair (DaH)

Results in Three Days!

Hair Toxicology: Drug and Alcohol (EtG) in Hair (DaH) Screening and Confirmations

Hair analysis allows for the testing of a large number of drugs in hair, and can provide an indication of drug use over a number of months, reducing costs and providing substantial price benefits for clients.

ESG’s hair analysis service, which identifies drugs of abuse analysis from hair (DaH), sits alongside the well-established drugs of abuse in urine sample analysis (DaU), offering a full suite of alcohol and drug testing services.

Hair toxicology services

Working with a forensic team that offers a wide range of hair drug testing services including:

  • Worldwide sample collection and hair analysis kits provided for in-house sampling
  • Hair analysis covering over 50 drugs of abuse, including alcohol as Ethylglucuronide (EtG)
  • Drugs screened and confirmed in one analysis
  • All drugs quantified and identity authenticated

Hair analysis with fast results

Turnaround time for hair analysis testing is rapid, with a certificate of analysis typically provided within three days, or an expert witness statement within five days. When combined with urine analysis, hair strand testing provides a comprehensive service for drugs and alcohol use.

Benefits of hair sampling:

  • Historical use: unlike urine samples, hair strand tests provide information on use of drugs of abuse over many months
  • Pre-employment assessment: toxicology tests are an affordable method of sampling which can be utilised as part of the employment process
  • Random, in-house employee testing: hair strand tests for drugs and alcohol help to ensure compliance with your company’s policies and procedures
  • Judicial evidence: hair toxicology tests can provide value for money reports to be provided for use in criminal and family law courts

Data integrity

Our partner laboratory has a proven management experience and meticulously applies the principles of forensic examination to ensure data integrity is upheld within our hair analysis tests. Operating from our state-of-the-art, UKAS accredited testing laboratories No.1015, the independence of our scientists means clients can be assured that they will always receive uncompromised, accurate results.

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